Industrial Espionage Zine Pre-Order

  • Industrial Espionage Zine Pre-Order

Industrial Espionage is a photography zine which will be a physical publication showcasing adventure / missions we don’t get to share due to laws, respect and protection of the sites although I won’t be sharing everything out of respect towards certain individuals. It is also for you to get a glimpse of what goes off in the industrial shadows which are not available to the general public, as well as experience engineering and infrastructure which fuels your comfortability. The zine will consist of framed shots, point and shoot action business and other thought-provoking stimulus.

This publication is strictly for followers and close friends, if you want to get anyone involved, you will have to invite them to follow me and they’ll go through a screening process to see if they pass the trust test. Good news is that by you following me you automatically pass the trust test. Only 40 copies will be available and released with zero reprints.

Stay locked in for date specifics. All orders will be shipped out so they will arrive with you by the release date. The release date will be at some point in October. If you happen to have any questions or queries, feel free to comment below, fire me a DM. I’ll catch you in the future for more fast-paced funky business . .

- Any stray names will be fully refunded